Sowing and reaping are such important principles to grasp and believe in when you are leading. In fact, I believe they are the fuel in the engine of moving anything or anybody anywhere.

But first you have to believe it works.

If you have ever had a vegetable garden and planted seeds for, say, beans, you plant them, you water them, and you hope and pray something comes up. Each year when they grow, your faith and belief increase. You also learn – you learn to plant earlier, or later, use more or less fertilizer or water, etc.

The same is true of leading people. You learn that when you invest in them, the sowing process gives them the opportunity to both grow and win. To do this is for everyone’s best. In fact, their growth is your organization’s growth. To sow positive activity into your organization’s processes is imperative to survival and growth. Nurturing client relationships is important and helps grow your brand incrementally.

The hard part is this. Things don’t typically grow to full maturity in minutes, hours or even a week. It often takes several weeks to bear fruit, and the fruit is proportional to the seeding. Truthfully, it is amazing what we can accomplish when we diligently sow intelligent activity towards a goal.

Where do you want to be in 12 weeks? Define that, and then draw a plan to get there. If you need help, seek it. Ask a friend or colleague to help you vet your plan, and then start to sow!!