Why hire a coach? Is it a sign of weakness or strength?  

I am a golf fan – don’t yawn – and one of the things that blows me away is how many coaches most pro golfers have. They have swing coaches, conditioning coaches, putting coaches, sports psychology coaches – it’s actually amazing. I can’t believe how often I hear on a broadcast that so-and-so spent some time with a golf coach like Sean Foley, and they have gone from struggling to being back on top of the leaderboard. 

What happened? A positive voice, an outside perspective, a reminder. Just one or two sessions a month resulting in pretty significant change. Maybe it brought confidence in what they were already doing. Maybe it was that small tweak that brought things back to excellence.

That’s what I love about coaching. It is listening to what my clients are going through, and then affirming, analyzing, and giving a perspective to help get through to the next level. Knowing and being able to identify areas of weakness gives us the opportunity to get the help we need to move to strength. I guess it is both!

If you are interested in seeing if there is a coaching fit, just reach out! https://ideapraxy.com/contact-us/

One caveat: for some, coaching is financially out of reach in the season you are in. Reading great books and listening to podcasts can be a helpful first step. I am going to start sharing some of the resources that keep me motivated and moving in the right direction, so check back to the blog for some suggestions.