Cliff has been in Senior / Executive Leadership for over 20 years. 

HIs work journey has taken him through the finance, not-for-profit, and church ministry arenas, and his penchant for creating and producing music has been a passionate creative thread for his entire adult life.

Cliff’s leadership experience has been of national and international scope. Nationally, Cliff has led and coached fundraising teams and overseen charitable distribution networks. Internationally, he has led programs and logistics for charities, overseeing both international logistics (shipping of medical supplies and food) and financial funding.

He has been an executive leader in the areas of finance, strategy, fundraising and sales, marketing and communications, human resources, property, and IT, and has served as an interim executive for multiple organizations.

This broad experience, often so necessary in smaller organizations, has given him the ability to see the big picture and the different choke points that cause organizations to stop progressing. His passion and talent is to help ideate and implement solutions to help organizations get un:stuck.