The older I get the more I realize how completely self-absorbed I am. It’s terrible. I say I am self-actualized, but often that is just a fancy hyphenated word defining the phrase “really accomplished navel gazer”.

At some level starting ideaPraxy a few years back has taught me to be far more focussed on my clients and their needs. At a much deeper level, being married and having four children has caused me to understand far more deeply I must give of myself, because it is about them.

But it doesn’t stop there: extended family, my neighbours, my church community…everybody. How am I adding value to them? How am I generously giving away the blessings I have been given? Paying forward the love I have received? Giving generously out of the finances we have been blessed with? The health, education, positive relationships, the home, and the list goes on.

For what it’s worth, the most joyous moments in my life have always been when I have been able to make it about someone else. To encourage, to love, to help, to hug, to attempt to meet whatever need exists, and make that moment, that time, about them.

It’s time to do better….