One of the things that I find difficult about putting myself out there – like in this blog – is that I am trying to impart helpful or motivational information to inspire and maybe even positively transform people’s lives and businesses. So I put my best thoughts and ideas out there, and hope for a positive influence.

The reality, however, is that I am far from perfect at implementing so many of the things I write about. I have run my own business for a little over three years now, and I have to say, it is a struggle. The struggle has not been financial as much as balance and sustainability. Since the day I launched I have known that I needed to create a scalable offering. My goal was to launch that around 2 years in. Well, I have missed that by a year now.

Nevertheless, it is so important to stay resolute. I have recently come out of a time that I would define as un-focussed. I have been working way too much and letting several things slide. I do not aspire to work endless hours and to be on call constantly, but my lack of discipline has led me to that place.

So I am re-booting – sometimes it needs to be done. It is time to get back to the sweet spot of my talents and passions, and work with focus towards the vision I first had.

I will tell you, it is difficult; re-booting is like culling your closet or garage. Why is it so painful to get rid of clutter? It will cost revenue in the short-term to develop on-vision revenue in the long-term.

It is another phase in my learning, and hopefully it can be a help to you too!