The definition of stuck that I am thinking of here is this: “to remain in a static condition; failure to progress.” Along with this, though, is also the awareness that you are not happy in this state.

So how does one become un:stuck? Usually we are stuck because we have reached our limit. Organizationally, that might mean personally as a leader, or it might mean one or several other team members are in the same place.

So you seek help from an outside perspective to see the blindspots that exist internally. Sometimes you and your team actually know what is stuck but just don’t know how to get around or through. Sometimes you need to seek outside help to even see where or why you are stuck.

Getting un:stuck always involves editing, or additions, or sometimes both. As Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” At times some things need to cease to happen, and new things need to start to happen. At other times, it might be a capacity issue and resources just need to be added.

In any case, getting un:stuck is a brilliant feeling!