To be transparent,¬†everything is a push right now. I am very busy – in a good way, and every part of life is challenging. ideaPraxy is evolving and growing in the direction of the vision I have for it… but slowly; slower than I want. Every task seems to take longer than I think it should, so I have to push. I like where things are going. I want them to go there, and I am trying to enjoy the process, but I don’t like every task on the list. I just don’t.

Family is great, but as the kids are growing, we can no longer corral us all in one direction. Interests, age differences, etc. are constantly taking us in different directions. As parents Stef and I just have to push to make progress, and try to keep balance.

Interesting, that concept of balance. Sometimes I think we define it as having everything just so. Right now I am thinking of it more like being on a beam 10 feet off the ground. Keeping balance is not having everything just so; it’s not falling off the beam and breaking a limb!

Personal maintenance, my goodness. Add church involvement and a social life to the above and then try to find time to workout and stay in shape. But I must.

So I push, and I encourage you to do the same. Push at the thing you need to push at today. Don’t get discouraged, avoid negative self-talk; get one more thing done, and then another, until your day is done. A few days of that in a row, and you will be surprised where you are!