One of the stories I tell over and over to anyone who will listen is one from my own journey, from my days as a financial planner.

I was young and awed by the barely older and widely successful financial planners speaking at the conferences I was going to. Then one fellow took the stage and uttered these encouraging words: “It’s not rocket science, I just do what so many others won’t. I make the call – in good or bad times, I email, I calendar, I do the little things; I show up.”

That is a paraphrase, but it has been my mantra and the basis of my sales and development process for years. It is a “just do it” kickstart to everyday, and even though I know it is true and it works, there are days I dread the call. I dread the discipline, and yes, there are days I fail. I just try to succeed far more than I fail.

I have written about another concept, being resolute here; but it bears some repeating. Build a plan, build it based on best practices and then stick to it. Sticking to it doesn’t mean perfection, it means not quitting. It means not letting one bad morning turn into a bad day, or one bad day into a week.

So today, re-boot and be resolute. Get back on track with the goal or goals you had for this year, or this time. You know, there’s more than half the year left to make progress in those goals.