As a musician I get a kick out of those who approach me and say, “I wish I could play and sing like you.” Invariably I respond with a simple answer. “Start, take lessons, look up how to play on YouTube for free, it’s all there for the taking.” There is some natural gifting required to truly master a skill, but like anything else in life it simply takes a lot of practice and hard work. But people often respond with an excuse: there’s no time, no natural talent, etc. I don’t buy it. There is usually a lack of either desire or humility to start from a place of beginnings. Everyone wants to be a pro without working at it.

It is the same with fund-raising or business development. Wishing for a  functional website, a direct mail/marketing program, or fund-raising/sales traction is great, but you must take the step of intelligently starting something.

I told my daughter it would take her two years to learn to play guitar at a level where she would be able to sing and play in public. Yes I have helped her a little, but YouTube has done more teaching.

She played at a coffee house at school this year to rave reviews. Take one step towards what you want today and see what the future brings!