One of the big dangers in leadership is being a fat-head. Literally being smart, well read, and even able to explain great leadership concepts to everyone else, but not ever get them out of your head and in to practice. Concepts that we have all learned from the likes of Daniel Goldman of Emotional Intelligence fame. His post on Linked-in here is interesting and a reminder of his book’s findings. 

Unfortunately, not enough of us leaders are able to practice what we preach/teach and show growth, especially in our weakest area. The biggest gain is to self actualize and say, how can I listen more? How can I bring more calm into organization instead of over-reacting like I usually do?

Don’t get caught in the narcissistic headlights of knowing what you ARE good at. Realize that getting significantly better in some of the areas where you lack can add significant value to you as a leader and your organization in general.

Like most great growth opportunities (revenue, infrastructure etc.) pick one leadership weakness and focus. Make great gains in one area, everyone will notice and you will reap the reward!