So here we are at the end of March. A quarter into the year and it’s time to analyze. How have we done? Have we met our goals, exceeded them, fallen short?

I heard a podcast from Andy Stanley, a pastor from the United States, where he stated he likes the concept of being resolute as opposed to making resolutions. I like what he was saying.

Resolutions are broken, cast aside and potentially re-engaged with the following January. They are things to ‘try.’ Yoda’s famous quote “Do or do not, there is no try” is a good one to inspire here.

If I have to do better at sales to grow or even survive, there is no try. I must do it. A soft month cannot turn into a soft quarter…or worse. Being resolute means keeping short accounts, preferably daily and weekly, to make sure I am coming constantly back to goals and measuring outcomes. It is so important that we constantly course correct back to plan, to many little misses without coming back to centre and disaster can strike.

For me, I must aggressively keep coming back to the things that I know allow me to succeed. I personally need to take time regularly (every week or two) to get a high level view and really measure results of actions against planned activity.

For others, it is making sure that at least one day a week is spent in their creative space where the majority of their business building ideas come from. We all have our thing, but we cannot let busyness cause the distractions that keep us from staying focused and yes, resolute, to accomplish the goals that will lead to success.