I hope that you have experienced a tipping point personally. Not necessarily a viral one that made you world famous, or radically changed your life, but one where it finally felt like you pushed through the resistance, went over the hill and started to feel a little wind behind your back.

Tipping points are bigger than wins. Wins are like parties, it’s a good memory, they contribute to forward progress, but nothing radically changes because of the experience. The “land” after the crest of a tipping point reveals a new territory that you now have entrance to. It is the culmination of wins and losses that you have built upon and pushed through. New opportunity, new people, and usually new energy.

Sometimes though, it has been a while, and you have to believe it is coming. Just like the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecing different results, when you know you are doing the RIGHT things, you need to press on to the prize. The last few steps make all the difference! Don’t quit early!