One of my biggest learning’s in life is that we reap what we sow….in different seasons. We have heard many iterations of the quote that we don’t achieve results because we quit too soon, but that is often the truth.

We leave a job after one year of killing ourselves only to have someone else swoop in and reap our harvest. It is almost as if we have sown the field, watered the field, and then left so someone else can come in and take the crop.

Sowing is fun. Watering and fertilizing isn’t, and it is the longest phase. Harvest is generally really hard work with huge reward. If you haven’t sown anything lately, you’ve quit. If you have stopped fertilizing, you’ve quit. Sadly in both cases you must start from the beginning again.

But if you have sown, and you are watering…persevere! Quitting now is just too soon!!