There is a path that is worn down by the successful. It definitely includes these four things.

Plan – You must have a strategic and tactical plan based in reality. Based on some rule of thumb, like what kind of conversion and close rates can you count on, that will inform the next “P”.

Productivity – Then you have to do it – actually make the calls or contacts and hit your activity targets. The goal at this stage is not to hit any other number than the activity number. Like working out, the pounds don’t come off until after the workout(s). The work comes first and must aggregate before big performance gains.

Perseverance – We reap in a different season than we sow, so you have to keep sowing, watering and fertilizing, but most importantly you have to keep on working the plan productively.

Patience – I will add to this faith and hope. If your boss or mentor (or this blog) guarantees hard work will win the day, that certain activity will get you there, then believe it and patiently wait for results. They will come if you are staying true to the activity.

Like the example of working out above, the Plan is the road map to your destination. Productivity is working the Plan and must include tracking. Like with a diet, if you aren’t tracking reps or calories you can be fooled into thinking you are doing enough, when in fact you have been eating drive-thru for weeks. Perseverance is what will make you stand out and succeed, as many others quit. Patience should be buoyed by two things: a realistic Plan and belief that it will come to pass.