“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

– Lao Tzu

It may be true, but the first few miles can still leave you doubting your sanity. Somewhere many miles into the journey you finally start to see the vision you had in the beginning take shape, but to quote UFC fighter Georges St. Pierre, “there is no magic pill.” It’s simply hard work and perseverance. And if you are like me, there are failures to recover from along the path. Perfection is not an option, so we fight for the very good to excellent whenever possible.

I am a coach and consultant, but part of the way I process is through writing music. In seasons I even put some of it out into the ether. If music helps you process perhaps give this one a listen – Walking On. It actually deals with the concepts of overcoming mistakes and persevering. We all live it at some point in our lives, so I encourage you to keep walking and growing. The journey has some sweet moments!