One of the challenges of our social media culture is the deflating effect of scrolling through posts and looking at the success of others on a daily basis.

The reality is that those posts are either the result of many weeks, months or years of perseverance towards a goal, or sadly, it is our interpretation that the grass is greener elsewhere. We all know it, and sometimes say it, then we scroll some more, and really do ourselves no good.

Although having a personal definition or vision for success can be helpful in filtering out the noise, I think it is also helpful to remember that so much of what enables us to achieve good results is grinding away at the things we know will get us there.

It is the discipline of doing the right things that leads to the rewarding things – some might say the fun things – the reason we are doing what we are doing!

So whether it is communicating more, grinding through some detail, or setting aside regular time for networking and business development, the compound effect of right actions will create the desired results over time.