A repeated conversation I have had with many CEOs is a frustration with their relationship with the board. It stems from a feeling that the board is never satisfied with the information they are receiving.

When a CEO doesn’t have answers to the questions they’re being asked, a mutual frustration may set in and trust starts to erode.

My recommended solution in every case is the same: you need to over-communicate as a leader, and to do that, you actually have to broadly grasp everything that is going on in your organization.

It also means you should clearly understand and be the champion of the strategy and tactics of your whole organization. What are the KPI’s for all of the key leaders and their areas for your organization?

To do this, you will need to be able to do a high-level SWOT analysis at every board meeting. It creates confidence that you are able to discern and lead through every circumstance, with an understanding of the financial and systematic implications of what is going on in your organization.

Over communicating creates trust; trust that there’s nothing to hide and that you know what’s going on. Let the board tell you to communicate less or less often. Don’t leave them wondering whether you have your arms around everything.